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Chief of Police Shawn Sequeira


Patrol Division


Lieutenant Matt Kunkel   Lieutenant Tom Lindberg

Sergeant Myles Dupont    Sergeant James Millington    Sergeant Ryan O'Connell   Sergeant Mark Ptak   

Sergeant William Serrano  Sergeant John Youd

Patrol Division is responsible for the day to day patrol and protection of the City of Shelton.  Patrol vehicles are equipped with the latest technology in Mobile Data Terminals (MDT).  Officers use the MDT's to receive Dispatch Information for a call, view current Dispatch status for all officers on duty, as well as access local, state and national crime and information databases.  Information obtained can be license and registration information, warrants, photos and report information.  Officers can also do all reports, including accident reports and diagrams on their MDT's.  Reports can be done, uploaded and available to be picked up even before all parties leave the scene.  Officer's can also print reports at HQ from their cruisers if needed. 

The latest addtion to the MDTs are printers in cruisers so that officers can print out infraction tickets instead of filling out the tickets by hand.  The information is auto populated when the officer runs license plate and driver information.  All the officer must do is fill in the charges and print out the ticket.  This saves the officer several minutes per infraction. 





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