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Officer John Staples, Crime Prevention Officer 203-924-1544 ext. 4331 


In 1978, the Shelton Police Department started its Neighborhood Watch Program.  Since then, numerous Neighborhood Watch Groups have been established throughout Shelton.  Neighborhood Watch is a partnership between the Shelton Police Department and the Shelton Community, where the citizens act as an extra pair of eyes and ears for the police by reporting suspicious activities.

In return for their efforts, Neighborhood Watch members received information from the police department on how to deter crime to both property and person in their community.  When a neighborhood decides they would like to participate in a Neighborhood Watch Program, a meeting is held with a Crime Prevention Officer.  Upon meeting with the Crime Prevention Officer, Neighborhood Watch Signs are placed in the area and Block Captain's are selected.  The Block Captain acts as a liaison between the Crime Prevention Office and their respective neighborhood group.

Crime Prevention Officers also visit local businesses, providing valuable tips and information.  These audits help owners protect both their business and customers from being a victime possible crimes. 

For Information on starting up a Neighborhood Watch Program in your area, please contact the any Officer John Staples.




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